La Llareta

Night light from a tree shoot and white cotton

La llareta—tender lighting object

The tree shoot I discovered on a branch near a marshland in Prague, Hostivař. The branch had been left behind, lying on the ground. It had certainly been left there after some forest clearing. Its beauty had been hidden under a strong layer of bark and mud. Maybe it had just been waiting for me.

The textile parts of the designer lights are fixed with non-toxic, harmless adhesive which does not smell (Dispercol). The wood is treated with oxalic acid to protect it from insects and then coated with clear varnish (Laksil) which is certified for permanent contact with drinking water, foodstuffs and the treatment of children´s toys.
La Llareta is the interior lighting object and has an extra low voltage electrical system (SELV), uses 3V. It is battery powered (button battery CR2032).
Download electrical scheme.

La llareta—tender lighting object
La llareta—tender lighting object
La llareta—tender lighting object

La Llareta is sold and it is not available to sell.

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