A Place to Live

New Town Hall, Prague (šatlava), 02/12—03/12/17

Have you ever noticed how flowers can grow from seemingly nonsensical places or objects?
They are small microcosms of life, like planets where it is hard to survive.
And yet—small seeds can be found there sprouting and starting a new colony.

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Kavárna co hledá jméno, 27/12/16—15/01/17
Vernisage 05/01/17, 7pm

During night wanderings through the forest I hunt the souls of fantasy creatures—I bring the trophies to my starry kingdom.

An exhibition and sale takes place in Prague´s Smíchov district (Prague, Czechia—middle Europe)) in the café Kavárna co hledá jméno.
Trophies (Trofeje)—heads of hunted fantasy creatures: non-existing fish, even-toed ungulates and beetles that continue to live their silent lives.

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The Spirit Bird’s room

Voyeur gallery in Tábor (Czechia), 15/05—12/06/16

The Spirit Bird—an old recluse living alone in a small room at the edge of the city. He doesn´t speak to anyone and has no friends. Every morning at exactly 9.45, he leaves his room and vanishes into the unknown to an unspecified place in the forest. Then at 11.20 he unlocks the doors and makes his way home. What goes on in his room? What is he hiding there? Who is he and what is his history? Why is he isolated? Is he dangerous? Look through the spy hole into his room, and hope that he does not notice you.

Photogallery of the event at Kulturně.com

SOFFA magazine at Designblok 2016

27/10—31/10/16 Designblok—Superstudio

The magazine SOFFA liked my necklace from used souls—Night flowers. A photo of the necklace was exhibited during SOFFA´s presentation at superstudio in Prague´s Holešovice district in Prague (Czechia).

Creativity as a phenomenon of modern times

10/10/16, 6pm, Radlická kulturní sportovna (Prague, Czechia)

The prezentation and discussion

18:00 Th creative industry: The future of tech economy (M. Kubaš)
19:00 Specifics of the creative process in various creative industries (Eva Spacelights Nečasová, Matouš Fridrich, Filip Stránský, Vratislav Maňák)

Více zde.

Samorosti 2016

29/07—06/09/16 Experimental space NoD (Prague, Czechia)

During the fourth year of the show Samorosti 2016 (independent authors´ art) the lighting object V mechu was exhibited in the newly reconstructed café NoD.