Jewelry as a personal matter

Do you like the style of geometric 3D printed jewelry? Black or white? And do you have a favourite animal or flower…?
I´ll design some unique jewelry for you or your loved ones

The design and manufacture of the jewelry

I first design the jewelry in 2D format in the program Illustrator. The process involves a number of adjustments and re-modelling, therefore it is not worth creating the 3D model at this stage.

Once I am satisfied with the format, using the programs InkScape and OpensCad, I make the 3D model. I then transfer it to a format suitable for 3D printing

The 3D printer is actually a classic CNC machine, like you would use when working with metal or wood. However, in this case the material isn´t removed from the object; the plastic is added to it layer by layer. It is then necessary to export the so called GCODE: the movement of 3 axis that print a 3D object.

And that is what my 3D printer looks like. Although it is called Rebel II, I call it My baby.

The whole manufacturing process of a piece of jewellery takes between 1 and 2 weeks. If you think you may be interested in my products, please contact me by email or telephone and we will arrange something

Alternatively, if you have already decided, you can place your order in the e-shop

I supply two pieces of printed jewelry in a minimalistic gift wrapped package.