The Walnut Tree

Lighting mushrooms growing from the hollow of the old Walnut Tree

Svítící objekt Ořešák

The tree does not die, just transforms its body to bring good to other inhabitants of the forest, plants and mushrooms.

A beautiful shaped part of an old walnut tree, which I found in the forest in Kokořín. It was lying in the hole beside the road. I did not see the original part of the tree in the neighborhood.

The Walnut Tree is the ninth lighting object from the collection A place to live.
White cotton shining mushrooms grows up from an walnut tree maverick.
The Walnut Tree is the interior lighting object and has an extra low voltage electrical system (SELV), uses 12V.
It is connected to the mains via a 230V adapter.
Shines gently in warm&cold white.
Download electrical scheme.

920 €
The Walnut Tree is availaible to sell.

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