Lighting head of horned god

Myrmecoleon—the lighting object in the shape of the Horned God

The light in the shape of the God Myrmecoleon—an extra-terrestrial god with the head of an anteater and the body of a lion.

As the anteater can only swallow small amounts of food and the lion´s body needs a lot of strength, Myrmecoleon remains incessantly hungry.

The light is constructed using wires and LED diodes in cold or warm white.
Myrmecoleon is the interior lighting object and has an extra low voltage electrical system (SELV), uses 12V. It is connected to the mains via a 230V adapter.
The shell is made from pure cotton fabric.
Download electrical scheme.

Myrmecoleon is a custom made lighting object and it is not availaible to sell.

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