The Catfish

Predatory Lighting Object

Sumec — designové nástěnné světlo od Spacelights

A giant catfish lies silently in the depths of the Hostivař dam. Its eyeballs shine between levitating particles of mud. The kicking legs of the local show off are approaching. He has decided to break the record for swimming to the wharf and back. His best time was 14.21 minutes.

The light is inspired by the story of the giant catfish fished out of the Hostivař dam.

The lamp TIVED from IKEA is the base for the spotlight. The teeth were designed and printed from the 3D printer directly for this light. The pendant light for the wall comes in two variants—for reading (spot light) or dispersed (light pointing to the fish mouth which makes the fish evenly shine).

The Catfish is a custom made lighting object and it is not available to sell.